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Incident Management Department

Alexander Rico, District Staff Officer - Incident Management

Assistant District Staff Officers

  • Dr. Susan Pickman - Deputy Program Lead/Special Projects
  • Michael Barth - PA Liaison Officer/ADSO-PA/IM
  • Joseph Pena - Medical & Safety Specialist
  • Donna Cole - Exercises and Training Specialist/Contingency Planning

Training Material:

The purpose of the Training Annex is to provide recommended courses that will further an understanding of emergency management. These courses build an understanding of basic concepts, terminologies and doctrines. To access the courses, go to the Emergency Management Institutes's (EMI) website at To receive a FEMA Student ID Number visit

1. Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS)

2. FEMA's Professional Development Series (PDS)

Course CodeCourse Title
IS-120.cAn Introduction to Exercises
IS-230.dFundamentals of Emergency Management
IS-235.cEmergency Planning
IS-240.bLeadership and Influence
IS-241.bDecision Making and Problem Solving
IS-242.bEffective Communication
IS-244.bDeveloping and Managing Volunteers