June 01, 2018

Next District Meeting: September 22nd

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Information Services Department

Joe Romanowski, District Staff Officer - Information Services

E-mail: Joe Romanowski

If any division wants to setup an Auxdata class, Please contact the DSO-IS.

  • Phil Pelter
    Long Island Sound South
    Divisions 1,13,18,22
    E-Mail: Phil Pelter

  • Rich Helm
    New York North
    Divisions 5,6,10,15,20
    E-Mail: Rich Helm

  • Harry Schoepe
    New York South
    Divisions 2,4,11,12,14
    E-Mail: Harry Schoepe

  • Deb Pacileo
    Long Island Sound North
    Divisions 7,24,25
    E-Mail: Deb Pacileo

  • Peter Byrne
    Special Projects
    E-Mail: Peter Byrne