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Legal Department

Herman H. Tietjen, DSO-LP

Telephone: (845) 876-7066

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Getting Help

Administering a Flotilla or Division can be a daunting task especially when it relates to understanding of the various procedural guides. Frequently, by just opening up the relevant manual or guide, you can find the answer. But again, there may be those instances where the text does not make sense to you, does not cover your exact situation and perhaps requires some interpretation. On those occasions you reach out for help.

Flotilla Staff Officer

If you are a Flotilla staff officer, you should ask your Flotilla Commander or Vice Commander for assistance. You may also contact the Division Staff Officer who is in charge of your area of responsibility. Experience is the best teacher. Each year in December a District sponsored training academy is held for new and returning Flotilla Commanders and Division Commanders. This academy should be a "must attend" for everyone because here new and current leaders will be presented with the tools needed to conduct Auxiliary business in an efficient and effective manner.

Flotilla Commander or Vice Commander

You are the leaders of your individual Flotilla. It is important that you take the time to become familiar with the following essential manuals and resources:

  • The Auxiliary Manual
  • The Flotilla Procedures Guide
  • The First Southern Procedures Guide
  • The Operations Policy Manual and the Sector NY Supplement
  • Materials on the DSO-LP web pages
  • First Southern District website and District Staff pages
  • The Auxiliary National website
  • Your Flotilla standing rules
  • Division standing rules

You may also look to your Division Commander or Division Vice Commander for assistance. Hopefully, one or both, based on their individual experience, will be able to either answer your question or provide you with the tools where you can find the answer. If your question or situation is of a legal nature rather than some procedural matter, it is the Division Commander or Division Vice Commander who should call or e-mail the Legal Department. With these individuals speaking to Legal Department, the Legal Team will have the opportunity to also educate these leaders in respect to your particular legal matter.

Division Commander or Vice Commander

You have the responsibility to oversee the activities of a number of Flotillas in your area of responsibility in the First Southern Region. You should be the mentors to the Flotilla Commanders and Flotilla Vice Commanders. Please give them the benefit of your knowledge to get rapid answers to their questions. In addition to the list of resources set forth above you should be familiar with:

  • Division Procedures Guide
  • District Standing Rules

If you have an issue or question to which, after making a reasonable attempt, you do not have the answer, then please contact your District Captain or a member of the District Legal Team. You may call or e-mail the DSO-LP at the phone number and e-mail address provided above. The contact information is also listed at the top of each Legal Department page.

District Captain

You have the responsibility to be familiar not only with all of the above recited sources and materials but also the following:

  • Each of the National Department sites on the Auxiliary National website.
  • The Chief Director's site and those parts of the site which address the vast amount of material relating to the Coast Guard which is found under Commandant's Instructions/Manuals.

A word about where your unit's Standing Rules can be found

Your predecessor in your office should, upon the expiration of that individual's term pass to you the unit's important records including the unit's Standing Rules, however, if that fails you may contact Karen Wagner in the Director's Office to check your unit's file for your unit's Standing Rules and send you a copy. If the rules are not on file with the Director, then you will have to contact individuals who previously acted as unit leaders to determine if a copy remains in their possession. At the present time a project is underway to make sure that a copy of each unit's Standing Rules is on file with the Director's Office.

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