Marine Safety Department

At this time we are concentrating on outreach programs such as Sea Partners, in this way we will be able to reach more of the public in regard to our programs. Next up are the Small Commercial Vessel exams such as: UPV, Uninspected Passenger Vessels, UTV, Uninspected Towing Vessels, and CFV, Commercial Fishing Vessels (SCV). In Sector LIS we have divided the AOR into North and South with an ADSO responsible for each of these missions. At Present please contact Matt Leahey for missions in Sector NY.

E. George Marrash District Staff Officer - MS/ MDA, Sector Long Island Sound

Staff Sector Long Island Sound:

  Patrick Borden ADSO-MS, Sector LIS-North (7,24,25)

  Rick Aimetti ADSO-MS, Sector LIS-South (1,13,18,22)

  Mark Bennett ADSO-MS/HARPAT, Sector LIS-North (7,24,25)

  Anthony Emile Gallo ADSO-MS/HARPAT, Sector LIS-South (1,13,18,22)

Eugene T. Yetter District Staff Officer - MS/ MDA, Sector New York

Staff Sector New York:

  William Antoshkiw ADSO-MS, Sector NY-North (6,10)

  Joseph A. Costanzo ADSO-MS, Sector NY-East (5,11,12)

  Bridget Reilley ADSO-MS, Sector NY-South (2,4,14)

Additional contact information can be found on the AUX Directory

“We are the Coast Guard Auxiliary's core team of specialists in marine safety and environmental protection. Our mission is to support the marine safety and environmental protection programs of the United States Coast Guard, and to train and support members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary who join us.”


What We Do

  • Conduct Homeland Security Safety Patrols for abandoned vessels, bridge inspections, aids & hazards to navigation, and coastal watch activities. Simultaneously we will be promoting public education and awareness of waterways conservation, and management.
  • Educate the fishing community, recreational boaters, and the general public on developing procedures for ensuring the security of their boats, crews, and communities by playing a role in protecting the nation's security during this period of worldwide unrest.
  • Conduct voluntary dockside examinations of commercial fishing vessels to ensure that boats are properly equipped, and crews properly prepared to venture out in this most dangerous of occupations.
  • Educate, and qualify Auxiliary members in hazardous materials identification. Provide training for our members in hazardous materials awareness, and assist the Coast Guard as first responders to environmental incidents.
  • Assist in the preparation of emergency response plans, and train Auxiliary members to effectively support emergency mobilization.
  • Educate boaters and the general public on clean boating practices, responsible environmental practices in marinas, and protection of coastal and marine ecosystems.
  • Conduct Harbor Safety Patrols to protect the recreational boating public and the waterways environment.
  • Conduct field sampling, prevention, and public education programs designed to migrate the speed of aquatic nuisance species.
  • Educate and communicate with Coast Guard Auxiliary members about opportunities for service in marine safety and environmental protection various missions of the Coast Guard.

If you think you might be interested in joining us, please contact any of the First Southern Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Staff Officers, listed at the top of this page.