January 21, 2018

D-Train 2018 March 9 - 11

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Marine Safety Department

At this time we are concentrating on outreach programs such as Sea Partners, in this way we will be able to reach more of the public in regard to our programs. Next up are the Small Commercial Vessel exams such as: UPV, Uninspected Passenger Vessels, UTV, Uninspected Towing Vessels, and CFV, Commercial Fishing Vessels (SCV). In Sector LIS we have divided the AOR into North and South with an ADSO responsible for each of these missions. At Present please contact Matt Leahey for missions in Sector NY.

Marlies Urban District Staff Officer- Marine Safety, Sector Long Island e-mail: urbanmc@hotmail.com

To reach the ADSOs please refer to the contact information in AUXOFFICER or go through your FSO/SO-MS

Staff Sector Long Island Sound:

E. George Marrash ADSO-MS / Sector LIS N (7,24,25)

Rick Aimetti ADSO-MS / Sector LIS S (1,13,18,22)

David G. Porter, District Staff Officer- Marine Safety, Sector NY Email:cpust1@aol.com

Staff Sector New York:

Eugene T. Yetter Sector NY North / 6,15,20

Joseph A. Costanzo ADSO-MS Sector NY East / 5,11,12,14

Michael S Klacik ADSO-MS Sector NY West / 2,4,10

Additional contact information can be found on the AUX Directory

“We are the Coast Guard Auxiliary's core team of specialists in marine safety and environmental protection. Our mission is to support the marine safety and environmental protection programs of the United States Coast Guard, and to train and support members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary who join us.”


What We Do

If you think you might be interested in joining us, please contact any of the First Southern Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Staff Officers, listed at the top of this page.