January 21, 2018

D-Train 2018 March 9 - 11

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D-Train Website March 9 - 11 Click here for Information.

Updated 2017 Uniform information here.

See RADM Poulin's Message to D1 Forces here.

Welcome to the First Southern Public Affairs Website

Public Affairs is an informational catalyst that successfully promotes the Auxiliary and its programs. The Public Affairs Department builds, reinforces and promotes the Coast Guard Auxiliary by initiating and maintaining ongoing relationships with the US Coast Guard, multi-level media and the entire national public. Internally we interact with every department of the Auxiliary promoting their efforts and accomplishments on both an internal and external level.

Our mission is to promote the development and enhancement of public understanding in regard to the role of the Auxiliary. In addition we focus on elevating public level of appreciation for the Auxiliary and its programs

District Staff Officer - Public Affairs

Louis DiGiusto III
District Staff Officer, Public Affairs
First Southern District
E-Mail: louis.j.digiusto@gmail.com

Public Affairs Initiatives

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