Public Education Department

Joseph Antonaccio, District Staff Officer Public Education

30 SEP 1944 Chapter 453.58 Stat. 759 (1944)

“The primary purpose of the establishment of the Coast Guard Auxiliary was to indoctrinate all owners and operators of small craft in the safety requirements in the operation and navigation of small craft………………"

Since the origination of the USCGAUX this dedication to Public Education has remained one of the four cornerstones of the Auxiliary.

Our role in public education has increased dramatically. Many States now require mandatory safe boating education to operate boats and personal watercraft on lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Some of our States are looking toward our organization to help provide the bulk of that service to the boating public with our safe boating courses.

Working with our team of dedicated members in our Publication, Public Affairs, Program Visitors, and Vessel Examiners Departments, we strive to continue to make recreational boating an enjoyable and safe sport. Our programs start with youth programs, move to adult programs, and continue with specialty and advanced courses in areas that include navigation, GPS, advanced piloting and more.

Many of our members come from our Public Education classes. New and older members continue to deepen our knowledge and hone our skills through additional courses and by working with local USCG Stations. In sum, we volunteer our services to assist the Coast Guard in their goal of a safer boating public.

Assistant District Staff Officers

SO-PE officers are encouraged to contact their ADSO-PE with any questions involving our Public Education program.

Finding Safe Boating Courses

To find the closest safe boating course, just click on the link below and then enter your Zip Code. You can also get there by going to 

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