All hands meetings June 16, 17, 18, and 19 - check your email for details.

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Program Visitor Department

Joseph Stilo, District Staff Officer - Program Visitor

Assistant District Staff Officers

  • Elaine Pealey, Sec. NY North (Divs. 5,6,10)
  • Nickolas Flora, Sec. NY North (Divs. 15,20)
  • Michael Garone, Sec. NY South (Divs. 2,4,11,12,14)
  • Timothy Burke, Sec. LIS North (Divs. 7,24,25)
  • Thomas Dogno, Sec. LIS South (Divs. 1,13,18,22)

Welcome to the First Southern Program Visitor's web site. Program Visitor is one of the most important jobs to the Coast Guard Auxiliary. It is our mission to provide the recreational boating Public and Dealers with information and literature on safe boating. We achieve this by reaching out to the public through Teamwork with our Partners, Recreational Boating Safety displays and Marine Dealer Visits.

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