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District Awards Lunch: 04 Apr. @ USCG Academy

CGA Fellowship Cruise to Bermuda: Oct 3-8

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Auxiliary Cutter 'Always Ready' on patron in New York Harbor.

Welcome to the First Southern Surface operations page on this page we hope to provide as much information to the surface operations community as possible in one easy to access location.

Restricted Documents(Login Required)

Restricted Documents This page provides links to sections of the National Response Website that are restricted to members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary only. You must be an active member and sign in with your eDirectory credentials to view these pages. Surface PPE Maintennce Procedure Cards (Restricted Documents) These forms and procedure manuals are Coast Guard/Coast Guard Auxiliary confidential and should not be distributed outside the Auxilliary. Although Printing of Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) is authorized, they are still controlled documents and shall be destroyed by shredding when superseded. Note:Check the dates after each MPC for the last time it was updated. Make sure you are using the most current inspection cards for the proper procedures. These documents are also required to be kept secured at all times so that they are not accessible by the general public.

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For information on the First Southern Operations Department Staff, please see the DSO-OP web page.