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Welcome to the Human Resources Department for District 1 Southern Region (D1SR). This web page was designed primarily to assist Flotilla Commanders and Human Resources Staff Officers with the various documents associated with their position.


Note: Instructions/Procedures below may apply to D1SR only and may not be relevant to your District.


Enrollment Re-Enrollment
Transfer of a Member Retirement of a Member
Disenrollment of a Member Death of a Member
District Qualification Team Guide Certificates of Appreciation
Recruit One More Program Sexual Harassment Prevention
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Fingerprint Certification
Flotilla Staff Officer Appointment Letters New Member Orientation Presentation
Resources Replacement ID Card
Virtual Classroom Auxiliary Core Training (AUXCT)
Special Programs  


D1SR Qualification Guide

D1SR - Who Am I Supposed to Contact?



Below are documents/files to assist in preparing prospective members for enrollment into the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Prospective Member Memorandum

New Member Course Instructor Guide
New Member Exam and Reference Guide

Operational Specialty Course Examination Answer Sheet
Enrollment Application Form
CG Auxiliary Association Consent Form
New Auxiliary Member ID Card Application
Enrollment Application Checklist
Digital Photograph of Member - email to Roger Lett at Roger.lett@usgc.mil

Please note that documents in word format can be tailored to reflect your flotilla and division information before distributing it to the prospective member.

Effective 11/09/18 fingerprints are no longer required to process new member applications.


Enrollment forms should be mailed as follows:

Director of Auxiliary (01-SR)
Battery Park Building
1 South Street - Room 210A
New York, NY  10004-1499
Attn Roger Lett



Members applying for re-enrollment will keep their old Emplid Numbers no matter when they disenrolled even if it was before they had a Personnel Security Investigation finished. (Unless it was before they started the new Emplid numbering system)

Personnel Security Investigations are good for 10 years. If applicant was disenrolled for "Member Request", "Failure to Pay Dues" or "Retirement" after their Personnel Security Investigation was completed as FAVORABLE, they will not have to do one again and their status will be restored to whatever it was when they left (i.e., IQ, BQ or AX).

A new application form (ANSC 7001) will have to be completed.** If the applicant has copies of any certification(s) etc., they should be included with the application.


Re-EnrollmentEnrollment forms should be mailed as follows:

Director of Auxiliary (01-SR)
Battery Park Building
1 South Street - Room 210A
New York, NY  10004-1499
Attn Roger Lett


Transfer of a Member

Member Transfer Request - ANSC 7056
Change of Member Information - ANSC-7028

If member requesting a transfer has new personal information (example new address, new phone number etc.), you should also submit ANSC 7028 along with the above ANSC 7056.



Retirement of a Member

Below are the documents necessary to assist a member in retiring from the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Please note that the member must have completed 15 years of service.

Retirement Letter
Change of Membership Status - ANSC 7035


Disenrollment of a Member

Below is the necessary document to assist you in disenrolling a member.

If the reason is for non-payment of dues, complete Section I. Please note that sufficient notification, with a deadline date for payment of dues, must be sent to each member. The letter must be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested. Please ensure that you keep a copy of all documents for your records.

If this is at the Members Request, the member should complete Section II (this section is also used for requesting Retirement).

All Cases: Flotilla Commander should complete Section III:  Completed form, with any supporting documentation, should be fowarded to the DSO-HR (as an attachment, via email is acceptable). **Remember to make every attempt to recover the departing member's ID card.

Change of Membership Status - ANSC 7035


Death of a Member

Below are the documents necessary to report the death of a member. Check appropriate box on ANSC 7035 in Section III and fill in information regarding next of kin.

Change of Membership Status - ANSC 7035
Death of a Member Notification Form

District Qualification Team Guide

District Qualification Team Guide 2017

Certificate of Appreciation

Below is a Certificate of Appreciation. The Flotilla Commander should consider using this to thank each of his/her staff officers for a job well done during the calendar year.

Certificate of Appreciation

Recruit One More Program

The Recruit One More Program was established to recognize those individual members who sign up a new member entered into AP Status.  The individual is then presented with a “Recruit One More” certificate and pin.  The individual member can earn up to four (4) Recruit One More certificates and pins in a calendar year.  Please note that this pin is not authorized to be worn on any uniform.  Below are the instructions and form.


Recruit One More Instructions
Recruit One More Award Form


Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Below is the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy as prescribed by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard.


Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Fingerprint Certification

Below are the instructions to complete the certification process for those members who have passed the online fingerprint exam:

Fingerprint Technician Certification Instructions
Memorandum to Karen Wagner

As per the New Auxiliary Manual (dated 08-17-11) Fingerprint Technicians no longer require a Direct Operational (DO) Personnel Security Investigation Clearance.

The above documents should be mailed as follows:

Director of Auxiliary (01-SR)
Battery Park Building
1 South Street - Room 210A
New York, NY  10004-1499
Attn Karen Wagner


Flotilla Staff Officer Appointment Letters

Below are Flotilla Staff Officer Appointment Letters*, and a Certificate of Staff Officer Appointment, which are for use by the Flotilla Commander. The letters will assist the appointed Flotilla Staff Officers to better understand their duties as a flotilla staff officer.




Certificate of Staff Officer Appointment (Word Format)

*The letters are in word format and can be tailored to reflect your flotilla and division information.


New Member Orientation Presentation

Below is a New Member Orientation Presentation in a Power Point format. The Power Point Presentation can be tailored to reflect your flotilla and division information.

New Member Orientation Presentation



Below is information that will assist members in navigating through the many phases of Coast Guard Auxiliary Membership. It is recommended that you download these items for reference and distribution.


Flotilla Standing Rules - Suggested item to give to New Members
D1SR District Procedures Guide
Flotilla Procedures Manual M16791.5
Coast Guard Auxiliary Acronyms
Auxiliary Manual M16790.1G
Boating Safety Course
New Member Handbook
New Member Involvement Plan
New Member Basic Clothing and Equipment Form
Uniform Procurement Guide
Direct Deposit Form - Should be sent directly to the CG Finance Center. Must be on file to receive reimbursement for travel orders. Only valid method of payment is Direct Deposit
Electronic Direct Deposit Link
Mission Activity Log Form 7029
National Testing Center Registration
Auxiliary Qualifications How To Guide
Incident Command System Exams


Replacement ID Card

Below is the form to replace an ID Card. Please note that the form must be completed with the member information and accompanied by a digital photograph (with red background) and emailed to YN2 Ezekiel C. DeJesus at Ezekiel.C.DeJesus@uscg.mil. The Director's Office no longer accepts floppy disks. The form and digital photograph must be submitted by the Flotilla Commander or Authorized Representative (only one authorized representative per Flotilla).


Current Replacement ID Card Form


Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom is located at http://classroom.cgaux.org/moodle/.  Courses are offered in Human Resources, IT Group, Mini-Courses, Prevention, Public Affairs, Public Education, Mandated Training Portal, Recreational Boating Safety Outreach, Training (including Leadership), Response and Vessel Examination & Partner Visitation.  These courses are designed to assist and prepare the member for the online exams located at the National Testing Center.


Auxiliary Core Training (AUXCT) Course Requirements

AUXCT is now comprised of the following repeatable and one-time courses:


a. Repeatable Courses: To be successfully completed by the end of the first full year of enrollment and then once every five years thereafter:

(1) Workforce Resilience Training (502379)*
(2) Security Fundamentals (810030)
(3) Privacy at DHS: Protecting Personal Information (810015)
(4) Sexual Harassment Prevention (810000)
(5) Civil Rights Awareness (502319)

*Auxiliarists who have yet to complete AUXCT because they had not completed the Sexual Assault.

Prevention / Response course (810045) must now complete the new Workforce Resilience Training course (502379). This holds true even if they already completed the Building Resilience and Preventing Suicide in the Coast Guard course (502379) because the new version now contains material from the old Sexual Assault Prevention / Response course (810045).


b. One-time Courses: To be successfully completed only once (new enrollees must complete them by the end of the first full year of enrollment):

(6) Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts (502306).
(7) Intro to the Incident Command System, ICS-100 (IS-100.b).
(8) Intro to National Incident Management System (IS-700.a).
And the recently added:
(9) Basic Qualification Course II (BQ II)**

**This AUXCT requirement only applies to Auxiliarists enrolled as of February 1, 2018.


Special Programs

AuxFS Program: The AuxFS Program is a National Auxiliary Program designed to provide trained Auxiliarists to fill-in at Small Boat Stations or on cutters to relieve the AuxFS Specialist (AUXFS). The program allows FSs to attend training, take leave, etc. without the Station being shorthanded. The AuxFS Specialist can also assist with VIP events, Change of Commands and other events such as picnics. AuxFS Specialist can be available for a variety of time frames from one meal to several days. The AuxFS Specialist does not shop for or supply food, they prepare the food the stations provide, and assist in serving and cleanup. AuxFS Specialists are not authorized to handle cash. AuxFS Specialist does supply that home cooked touch during the holidays and at special events.

Health Services Support Program: The Coast Guard (CG) recognizes that the CG Auxiliary is composed of many skilled volunteers, some of whom are trained, qualified, licensed or registered to perform many of the same health care activities that are performed by active duty personnel. Some Auxiliarists are willing to perform health care activities on a volunteer basis for the USCG.

Interpreter Corps Program: The US Coast Guard Auxiliary Interpreter Corps is a Division of the USCG Auxiliary International Affairs Directorate. Interpreters are members of the USCG Auxiliary and offer their linguistic skills to the US Coast Guard and other agencies of the Department of Homeland Security.



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