Leadership Development Academy 2018


The LDA instructors and staff would like to congratulate you on your successful elections! Each of you are encouraged to attend the 2018 Combined Leadership Development Academy. Continuing our tradition of excellence, this year’s combined Academy will be held at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, from Friday, December 14, 2018 through Sunday, December 16, 2018.

Classes will be held on Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning and will feature an updated, innovative curriculum. We will be inviting First Coast Guard District leadership, Superintendent of the USCG Academy, Sector Commanders, Vice National Commodore (e), Deputy National Commodore, Atlantic East (e), Commodore for the First District Northern Region and Chief of Staff, as well as our own First District Southern Region leaders have been asked to speak.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: For Divisions: Both newly elected and returning second year Division Commanders (who have not previously attended) will be attending the DCDR instruction. If for some reason you are unable to attend, your VCDR may request orders and attend in your place.

For Flotillas: Those members who will be FC on 01 JAN 19 are eligible for orders to attend. If they are new FC’s (1st Year) they will take FC-101. If they are returning FC’s (2nd Year) and have taken the FC-101 last in 2017, then their course will be FC-201.

We are aware that Flotilla elections do not occur until November; however, berths fill up fast. Therefore, we would recommend that for current FC’s who are not running, please canvass your nominees to see if they will attend and request orders for them as early as possible.

First and Second Year FC’s are encouraged to attend. If the FC cannot attend, then the VFC may request orders in their place.

Due to budget constraints, anyone who is a repeat FC or DCDR and has previously attended the LDA (both FC-101/FC-201) will NOT be eligible to attend on orders. However, we strongly encourage anyone who has aspirations of a future leadership role and wishes to attend to do so. Although you will not receive reimbursable orders, arrangements are being made with a local hotel chain to accommodate No-Orders personnel at a reasonable rate. This information will be coming out very shortly, so please be patient.

UNIFORM OF THE DAY: As classes will be held on CGA campus, the Uniform of the Day for all attendees, shall be Winter Dress Blue, with appropriate outerwear (Windbreaker, FWP, or Trench Coat) and cover (Garrison or Combo). NO EXCEPTIONS!

ACCOMODATIONS: Attendees will be staying at Munro Hall at the CGA. To reserve your room, please call Jessica Garza, manager or Marybeth Bicknell, Munro Hall Guest Housing, (860) 444-8664. Have a credit card available. RESERVATIONS WILL NOT BE TAKEN BEFORE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2018. Last date to make reservations is December 6, 2018. Check-in time will be strictly at 5pm, no earlier.

MEALS: Breakfast is $2.55, and you pay on your own. No advance tickets will be sold for breakfast. Attendees should try to have exact change. This is for Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Saturday’s lunch tickets will be sold on Friday evening at check-in. The cost shall be $5.00 cash. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE!

Dinner on Saturday evening is with who you choose to make plans with on your own.

SATURDAY EVENING RECEPTION There will be a cocktail reception Saturday evening at the “Lee Rail”, lower level of the Officers Club for DCDR’s and FC’s. Dress shall be smart casual civilian attire. This is an excellent fellowship and networking event.

REQUESTING ORDERS: To request orders for the LDA, please forward your order requests to DCOS (e) Mark A. Stone at stone9956@gmail.com.

The Subject Line should read: Request for Orders – LDA 2018. Please include:

  • Your name:
  • Your member number:
  • Your email:
  • Your mobile phone number:
  • Office as of 01 JAN 19:
  • Your Division/Flotilla
  • Course taking:
  • Home Zip Code:
  • Round trip mileage to 31 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320
  • Will you be taking a ferry:

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Semper Paratus!

  • Bill Bowen, DCO (e) D1SR
  • Mark Stone, DCOS (e) D1SR