First Southern Region AUXINFO Cubes Page

AUXINFO is the read-only access all members have to the AUXDATA system. AUXDATA is the database where all of those forms the members submit are entered, and hours, missions and awards are tallied and archived.

Unfortunately, the AUXINFO access (called “Cubes”) can be cumbersome to use. For that reason, your DSO-CS, Greg Kisver, provides for the use of all members a convenient stepping-off point for the cubes.

By using the links below, you start off in the cubes, but you are already drilled down to the level of D1SR. This makes things much easier, as most members know what Division they are in, so they can go from here.

Additionally, Zero-Value-Supression is turned on. This means, that for any row or column that totals zero, that entire row or column will not appear. This helps to unclutter the display, especially when you get down to the local levels. If you want to switch off zero supression, and see all possible rows and columns, click the zero-supression icon AUXINFO zero supression icon at the bottom of the window.

Finally, all CS officers who maintain a unit website should consider taking this one step further. Dril down to your local unit (Division or Flotilla), and click on the create bookmark icon AUXINFO Bookmark icon at the bottom of the window, wait for the page to reload, and copy the new URL in the address bar to a text editor or HTML editor to create a link to you own unit's AUXINFO data. Your DSO-CS did this on his Flotilla site a couple years ago.

Without further ado, here are the AUXINFO links (the links will open in a new window):

Note: Cubes have a different appearance on the Macintosh platform. On the Mac, you will be able to see the data on the linked page, but you will have a tough time drilling down any further. There is nothing D1SR can do about it. If you want to lodge a complaint with National, use the chain of Leadership and Management properly.