First Southern Executive Committee

Executive Committee
Portrait of  Gus Formato
Gus Formato
District Commodore
Portrait of  William Bowen
William Bowen
District Chief of Staff

District Captains
Michele Rollino
Michele Rollino
New York - North
(Divisions 5, 6, 10, 15, 20)
Paul Pronovost
Paul Pronovost
Long Island Sound - North
(Divisions 7, 24, 25)
Portrait of Michael Rebeck
Michael Rebeck
New York - South
(Divisions 2, 4, 11, 12, 14)
Portrait of Art Albertson
Art Albertson
Long Island Sound - South
(Divisions 1, 13, 18, 22)

Portrait of Alex Malewski
Commodore Alex Malewski
Immediate Past District Commodore - DNACO
Portrait of Bill Grossman
Bill Grossman
Commander, USCG
Director of Auxiliary

Supporting Staff for Executive Committee and Director
Portrait of Ed Petrie
Ed Petrie
Commodore's Aide (D-AD)
Portrait of John Phillips
John Phillips
Operations Training Officer (OTO)
Portrait of Steve Krok
Steve Krok
Commodore's Administrative
Assistant (D-AA)
Portrait of Terry Tremblay
Terry Tremblay
Commodore's Administrative
Assistant (D-AA)

Past District Commodores of First Southern and Third Northern (1SR was 3NR until the 3rd District was stood down. 3NR became 1SR and 3SR became 5NR)