April 11,2016

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Alexander J. Malewski, District Commodore

District Commodore
Alexander J. Malewski

Welcome to the home page of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, First District Southern Region. The USCG Auxiliary is the largest volunteer organization in the world serving a branch of the military and is made up of over 31,000 dedicated patriots from Maine to Guam who volunteer their time, efforts and expertise to serve the US Coast Guard, their country and community. As part of Team Coast Guard the 3600 members of District 1 SR serve US Coast Guard Forces throughout eastern New York, from the City of New York north to the Canadian border via the Hudson River Valley and Lake Champlain and east to Montauk Point, plus the states of Connecticut, western Vermont and northern New Jersey.

Auxiliary members work side by side with the Active Duty Coast Guard in all their missions except those involving Law Enforcement and military operations. We take part in seven of the eleven missions of the Coast Guard. It is said if it doesn’t involve a weapon, we do it. Everything from Search and Rescue, Public Education, Vessel Inspections to food service at Coast Guard Stations and on Cutters. There is no commitment of time or service only opportunities to learn, make great friends, serve your country and make a difference.

The ever-expanding mission of the Coast Guard and declining budgets placed great challenges before the Coast Guard but at the same time have given the Auxiliary tremendous opportunities to better serve and take a larger part in the day-to-day operations of the Coast Guard. As the mission scope of the Coast Guard expands so do the opportunities for the Auxiliary. If you want to give back, to be part of something very special, the Auxiliary is the place for you.

The motto of District 1 SR is “Be there, First.” We continually strive to lead the Auxiliary in service and innovation. We are there, first. This year we are focusing on getting back to the basics. One of our cornerstones is fellowship and we will focus on making it fun because the more fun, the more fellowship we have, the more we will get done, the better we will serve.

To our fellow shipmates, let’s work together to make this the best year yet. We are part of the best District in the best volunteer organization in the world and the sky is the limit.

To those fellow citizens thinking of how to give back to this great Nation, consider becoming a volunteer member of US Coast Guard Forces via the USCG Auxiliary. Seize the opportunity to make a difference and being part of making recreational boating safer, while enjoying the fellowship that being a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary offers. Do something that really matters, Join.

With admiration of your selfless desire to serve the US and the US Coast Guard, my best wishes for a joyous and healthy experience.

Alexander J. Malewski, Jr.
District Commodore - 1SR