November 7, 2014

D-Train 3/20 - 3/22

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Vincent Pica, District Commodore

District Commodore
Vincent Pica

Welcome to the home page of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, First District Southern Region. As part of Team Coast Guard, we serve US Coast Guard Forces throughout eastern New York, from the City of New York north to the Canadian border via the Hudson River Valley and Lake Champlain and east to Montauk Point, plus the states of Connecticut, western Vermont and northern New Jersey.

To our fellow shipmates, while (lucky) '13 was dedicated to you, the Year of The Member, 2014 is dedicated to your flotilla the elemental work group within the USCG Auxiliary. But what is a flotilla but a team, a school, a flock, of like-minded individuals with a common purpose to serve their country through the US Coast Guard, to contribute to that goal by executing on the tasks assigned to we members as authorized by the Commandant of the US Coast Guard and, thus, to grow as individuals in proficiency and professionalism.

And what makes a flotilla most effective? Effective and, especially, engaged members. So the Year of the Flotilla is simple. The focus of the Year of the Flotilla is to create a drive for a growth in member involvements, to have wide recognition of individual and team achievement in skills and focus on missions, and to ensure and enhance the preservation of our heritage, looking back at the wake of the ship, while encouraging a constant drive to adapt to a world air, land, and sea that is never at rest.

To those fellow citizens thinking of how to give back to this great Nation, consider becoming a volunteer member of US Coast Guard Forces via the USCG Auxiliary. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in providing public boating information and making recreational boating safer, while enjoying the fellowship that being a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary offers. Do something that really matters Join.

With admiration of your selfless desire to serve the US and the US Coast Guard, my best wishes for a joyous and healthy experience.

Vincent T. Pica, II
District Commodore - 1SR