May 25, 2017

D-Train 2018 March 9 - 11

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Next District Meeting is Saturday September 23, 2017 @0900 Hrs at the Chapel Please Wear ODU's

Updated 2017 Uniform information here.

See RADM Poulin's Message to D1 Forces here.

Information for Members

On this page you will find information that is important for our members.

TCT Schedule - Schedule of TCT Classes in District 1, Northern & Southern Regions.

ICS-210 Schedule - Schedule of ICS-210 Classes in District 1, Southern Region.

C School Portal - National C School Classes

D1SR Procedures Guide - The D1SR Procedures Guide is a handy reference for finding out how to get things done in First Southern. Recently revised, keep a copy handy on your computer.

Emergency Preparedness Guide - This Guide will help you prepare in the event of an Emergency. Prepared by Donna Cole.

Emergency Bag Contents - Here is a handy reference and guideline to what your Emergencey or “GO” bag should contain. Prepared by Donna Cole.