First Southern Region Shopping Page

In the Auxiliary, there are two primary online means of obtaining the uniforms and the accouterments for the uniforms. The first is the USCG Uniform Distribution Center. The second is the online District Materials Store.

Uniform Distribution Center (UDC)

The is where the USCG members get their uniforms from. They have online ordering by credit card (you will need to supply your Auxiliary ID #), and they have retail outlets in Woodbine, NJ, and Traning Center Cape May, NJ. This is where an Auxiliariast can buy all the components of the basic uniforms. They have a very limited selection of Auxiliary-specific items, however. USCG Uniform Distribution Center

District Materials Store

The District Materials store is where members purchase all manner of official US Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform insignia, awards, logo clothing, operational accessories, and job aids. Profits from the sales of goods through the online store go directly to our District budget, and support our programs.

To use the online store, go to

Other locations

The USCG Academy has two stores where some uniform items can be purchased. The Academy Bookstore, and the Clothing Locker, both located in Chase Hall.

The Lucky Bag at Training Center Cape May is a small store on the grounds of Training Center Cape May where members may purchase used uniform items in good condition. These come primarily from recruits who do not complete boot camp, and are discharged. Substantial discounts on uniform items can be had here, but their selection is dependent upon the number of recruits who don't complete boot camp.

The Lucky Bag has very limited operating hours. Every Thursday, Auxiliarists can shop here from 1200-1300 hours, and on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, members may shop there from 0900-1100 hours.

Lastly, some, but not all, USCG Exchanges carry uniform and Auxiliary items. Please note that Auxiliary-specific items purchased someplace other than our District Material Store do not support First Southern's programs.